Remembering time

princessThe wonderful thing about clocks
is that they
never fail to define
the exact moment when
people first
met something more precious than the stars.

If yesterday came after tomorrow

If yesterday came after tomorrow
today before yesterday
and if hours were larger than days
minutes were gone in seconds
would you stop your watch?

One step away is thousand steps back

Something hangs on my wall and annoys me

Something hangs on my wall
and annoys me
with its ‘ticks’
and ‘tocks’
as if saying
I have music more beautiful
than your favorite songs
so just listen to me.

It sticks there
all day, all night
with its irritating warnings
of time lost
every second,
every parcel of each second.

I take the chance
to ask it
if it ever gets tired of
measuring a thing too abstract,
too imperceptible,
and all it answers
‘tick tock’
For god’s sake,
yes or no?

I wonder
if someone ever finds happiness
in seeing all time gone
only to see that the same hands
point at the same numbers
indicating the same time
all the while
till you realize nothing has really been lost.
Or everything has been lost
at the very midnight
it starts ticking.

I take the chance
to ask it,
Do clocks count time?
Or do they even know they show it?