Talking to your crowd was like

Talking to your crowd was like
Erasing all mysteries
Between the encoder
And the decoder;
It’s like filling in the gap
Of past and present;
Like bridging still two mountains
Far apart.
Your crowd makes me show
My feeblest side
And softest corner—
If this were a circle, the always
Misconceived absence of such.
Yes, I have shown you
The precious juice of my eyes,
The same juice that welled out when
I experienced the most painful feeling one could ever imagine
Or unimagined at all.
Yes, I shared to your crowd
Slices of life at its actuality
Which young minds
May barely handle,
But there’s that belief
That the improbable emotions
Stay as they are
As totally understood.
Your crowd takes away wariness
And defies reservation
As it warms my spirit
And hugs my scars.
Your crowd pushes doors open.
And I’m glad this is all reciprocated.