A Quick Note in a May Night

Lately, I’ve been writing songs and it’s been magical. I’ve always been a fan of music but these summer days have made me believe there’s more I haven’t witnessed. I’ve also been a fan of poetry and it’s cool to experience both music and poetry at the same time when composing a song. It’s amazing you get to do two things you love to do at the same time. Or maybe I’m wrong. I get to do a million little things at the same time. Love. Hate. Dream. Talk to a special person in the other side of the universe. Jump. Run. Paint. Don’t do anything. Be crazy. Stay crazy. Go on a journey. Fight monsters. Tell someone I love him for the first time. Be blessed. Count stars. Smile.

Every lyric you write is you, and the melody you create is you, and the guitar is you, and the song is just you. I consider writing songs one of the highest forms of art and indeed one of my favorites.

20150504_084058I am thankful to the people who inspire me to create music, people who create music with me, and people who believe in my music.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note in a May Night

  1. mark says:

    Can we hear some of your songs then please, thank you very much…
    Hang on a minute… Did you say ‘summer days’? Boooo!!! That’s not fair, I’m still waiting for spring to do it’s thing… I’m coming to live with you, is it ok that I bring two guitars and my teddy bear (ermm how about 3 guitars).

    What happened to your purple guitar?
    Do you no like purple anymore?
    I like the yellow capo where can I get one?
    Why is the capo on fret number one?
    Do you try different tunings with your guitar?
    Have you tried DADF#AD?
    Or perhaps CGCFCE?
    Can I bring 4 guitars please? (and teddy bear)????
    Do I ask too many questions?
    If so, why?

    It’s good to know that you are happy with your music. But don’t be crazy, half the world and their best friends talk about being crazy, it’s so cliche. I’m in the nearly normal boat and there’s plenty of leg room and moments of peace and tranquility.

    Stay safe, be happy.


    “I’m gonna study the rain, I’m gonna drive my blues away”

    • Markkkkk. Do come and bring as many guitars as you can. I would wait for you at the airport and hold an azure banner saying “Welcome to the Philippines, Doctor Mark, Winma Missed You a Lot” then I’ll take you to my hometown, we’ll enjoy the sun, and do songs with a teddy bear theme.

      I still and will always like purple, Mark. The purple guitar is resting at the moment. It had a serious injury on its neck and I don’t want to abuse it. It’s still in my room and I continue showing it my love. If you get here, Doctor, maybe you can extend some medical service. (For the moment, I use this guitar because I couldn’t see a purple one back when I was just about to buy. This would be temporary.)

      I got the yellow capo from a guitar store in a mall. I can buy you one and give you as present for all your birthdays I missed. It’s on the first fret because the song I was doing when this photo was taken was in that key, standard tuning though. So no, I haven’t tried the alternative ones. But I wouldn’t forget your discussions on this you remember? Maybe when I become better at playing this wonderful piece of instrument.

      I’m so serious answering your questions, aren’t I? By the way Mark, why are you in the wrong boat? You told me once to stay crazy. Why are you leaving me now?

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