Has been saved

To watch the stars, one looks upar
and becomes a fan
with neck


each minute;

looks down
and loses connection
but not love.
Never the light.
That has been saved in her eyes.

Deserves to be Sad

Everyone deserves happiness, says humanity. Say the poor, littlest things package most joy; biggest rob it so why come after gold, dear precious metals when oxygen rusts them all?

Say the weak, hiding is power—if you can escape from realities you believe are alternatives, you are great enough to ease your pain, be happy then create a world that is refuge and yours.

Say the afraid, fear is a friend, your best warning, humiliation-proof, guards of ego. No falling. No frustration. No struggle. And you’re content. You’re safe and happy for fright.

Say the hurt, stronger I shall be. Learn to forget, you’ll find peace. But learn to forget you’ll find peace, if you don’t acknowledge history and the blood of it.

Everyone deserves to be happy, so you say choose to be happy. Yet choosing to be happy is never equated to happiness. Happiness is not a choice, it’s existence. And you don’t choose existence.