Long ago lost it

Long ago
lost it–
something never known
Today finds it
and beholds
what once was owned
It asks its name

Tips When Cleaning Your Messy Room (and your messy life)

I just recently finished cleaning my room and it took me a whole week literally. As I rested in my cozy, newly worked out space, the thought of how painful the cleaning process had been got me thinking about things (more of principles) that I had subconsciously considered during those days of endless (so it seemed) cleaning. Well now I want to tell you tips when cleaning your messy room. I have to clarify though that I am no expert in housekeeping. These tips are merely based on my cleaning sentiments, almost random, and may be too metaphorical for an average housekeeper to manage (I am of course kidding). So. Here we go.

tips when cleaning

Sorting things out is one of the basic things you do when cleaning. Doing this enables you to put things to where they should be and for you to remember where similar things are (in function, in color perhaps, etc.). Things you encounter fall under a certain category. If some don’t, well, you just haven’t figured it out yet. And don’t worry it’s natural to be confused at some point. Most of the time, we place the wrong things at the wrong corners. We put together things that are supposedly separated and separate things that are supposedly together. But it’s totally okay. Classifying things for sure takes time. Eventually you’ll see that the things themselves make you realize what proper places they should have.

Enjoy the dirt.
It’s inevitable to hold hands with dirt. Be willing to. Getting dirty is fun when you see how it is an important part of the process. Getting soiled and stained is a stage we all go through. This is but essential. Comfort has to be sacrificed sometimes. Get dirty and enjoy it.

Believe you’re strong.
Move that double deck? Move the cabinet? Lift piles and piles of books? Believe me, you can do it. Tell yourself you’re strong enough to face bigger challenges. Always remember, mountains can be moved so why not things in your room.

Free some space.
There are things you simply don’t need. They just eat up space for the the sake of eating up space. These things you might have been keeping for so long yet don’t really serve any purpose. Learn to trash trashable things. Some things are just not meant to have space in your room. Holding on to things that are not meant to be kept ruins your chance to welcome and keep things that are so.

Learn to let go.
Don’t rationalize a lot about the things you don’t want to lose. Don’t claim everything is “memories”. “Memories” will stay as memories even when concrete things from it don’t anymore exist. “Memories” is not the things; it is the moments. After all, you don’t need evidence to make yourself believe that you’ve had those wonderful moments in your life. Little pieces of “memories” can be enough however (instead of keeping a whole box or gift wrap, just keep the card for instance). Put these in your jar of treasures or of firsts or of whatever you label it. The others, trash them, donate, or recycle.

You are not a superhuman. You’re just someone trying to clean your room. Take time to rest if you feel you need to. If you already feel too tired, pause a while and just be happy. Grab that guitar or breathe some fresh air or simply sit and see what you’ve done so far. There’s no deadline for cleaning. You do it until forever. More importantly, pausing does no harm. Stopping is the dangerous one so don’t feel guilty to take a break.

Never give up.
I just mentioned that stopping is dangerous. It really is. If you stop, you’ll be stuck somewhere and will find yourself not able to move on. Have hope or faith or whatever force you believe in. Have it until you finish your race no matter how endless the tasks at hand may seem. Leaving things undone is one of the greatest regrets people have.

Have some music.
Don’t think that music is something you don’t have the luxury for when cleaning. Music while working helps you in so many different levels. For one, instead of plainly moving around like a robot tasked to clean every corner, dust, sweep, and mop to the beat. This makes everything lighter and bright and fun. You and I, everyone needs music.


But do you realize you spend so much time and energy cleaning your room only to find it messy again?  Oh well. Life moves on just like that. Your room gets messy every now and then. And you’ll have to clean it every now and then. It’s fine because you’re alive and you move. You simply exist in your space and out of it. You find things no longer necessary or search those that have been missing. Just continue living in your messy room and clean it whenever you feel like. And remember my last tip for you: See that every cleaning experience teaches you something new.

Brighter than the Sun

brighter than the sun

Stop me on the corner
I swear you hit me like a vision
I, I, I wasn’t expecting
But who am I to tell fate where it’s supposed to go with it
Don’t you blink you might miss it
See we got a right to just love it or leave it
You find it and keep it
Cause it ain’t every day you get the chance to say

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun
Oh, we could be the stars, falling from the sky
Shining how we want, brighter than the sun

“Brighter than the Sun”
Colbie Caillat