For what defines peace

creepyFor what defines peace
has abandoned for a moment,
there’s but sighs
left of torment
lingering through
with no movement;
there’s but speech
with words silent
with a message
but no content;
there’s but thoughts
past then present
like moon crescent;
Endless searching
no commitment
ceaseless finding
no atonement;
never to beat
the real opponent
there’s but emotions
that do foment.

2 thoughts on “For what defines peace

  1. rjl2727 says:

    very nice young lady!! i’m amazed that the few people i follow have a real way of expressing aspect of themselves that resonate so closely with my inner-being. maybe that is why i follow those few. very nice

  2. I’m equally amazed that it’s just a small world for our inner beings. I’m glad too that I met one inner being so literarily wonderful.

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