Haven’t I?

Untitled (2)I was told you were powerful.
That you could change things.
And people.
That you were practically
I had believed them.
Yet why now
Do I feel such a silly kid
Who lost hopes as she lost her candy?
That was ordinary.
The candy.


You are not as powerful as they thought you were
Or if I am mistaken,
Maybe I haven’t really met you yet.

Binary Choice

I’ve perfected exams
I’ve always arrived at right answers
Right solutions have never been untamed
But now
A test lies blatant before my life
And for the very first time
I am not sure of getting it right
The hardest test is not fill in the blanks
The hardest test is binary choice
Where you are given only two options
That can make or break your score
Two options
That can ruin the every chance
And every possibility
Two options
That can bridge your every gap
To what makes you happy
Two options
And for the choice you make
A check or an ex waits
Which you don’t exactly care about after all.

The Man You Were

I had already believed we could not be closer.
We always sat together
but always with distance
small but never insignificant.
We always danced
but always side by side
and we ignored all the slow songs.
We always vented
but there was one thing you wouldn’t be open about
and because of that
I couldn’t call you my best friend
despite always being there.
You always cared.
I felt that every time.
And every time I wanted to hug you
but every time it felt difficult
and neither of us knew why.
We always attempted
but never tried.
Always hid but never sought.
Like kids
who always violated the rules of the game.

But this was before the moment
I was fighting my battle so hard
and you forgot the man you were
and put your arm around me
as if I was a fragile little flower
that needed you more than ever.
For the very first time
I felt you could be the man
I thought you could never be to me.
Though I still couldn’t call you my best friend
I knew we became closer
than the sky and the ocean
that virtually met at the horizon.
I met you for the first time again
and I wished we did not reach our destination on time.